Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a week

Starting last Monday, November 15, we had quite a week. Tyler has had an ear infection and Aubrey has had a stomach bug (with vomiting - including on herself while she was asleep - fever, lots of diarrhea and sleepless nights). The worst night was followed by the discovery of a broken furnace and broken kitchen faucet that flooded our under-the-sink area. Just when we thought things were looking up, I was taking the kids for Christmas pictures and the garage door opener broke. After two separate photo sessions we couldn't get a good picture of the two of them together. (So if you see our Christmas picture of them, you can just smile and nod knowingly). :) Though, at this point, I was not was just fitting. I kind of think of the pictures as representative of the week we had.

On my friend, Michelle's, recommendation I had previously purchased Bag Balm for the occasional diaper rash. (It's originally meant for cow's udders - hee hee - and is only found at Walgreens around here). It does not sting, and works really well. I developed a true appreciation for it this week!

One positive of the faucet ordeal is that I LOVE my new faucet. I didn't know how much I could appreciate a faucet that works...and doesn't randomly turn itself off...or leak for that matter :)

Another plus was that I got to enjoy lots of snuggling, rocking and loving on my baby. (That's what I kept reminding myself of when I was up rocking Aubrey in the middle of the night).  I'm so glad they're both feeling better!

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Carolyn said...

sounds like a painful week