Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Last weekend was a good one. Friday we decorated pumpkins. Mine was a pirate skull/crossbones (per Tyler's request), Wayne's was an owl in a tree, Tyler's was a pirate Mr. Potato Head and a bat.

Saturday, Ted and Sue came to watch Tyler's soccer game. Then they watched the kids so we could go see The Social Network (which I really enjoyed), then stayed for dinner.

Sunday was trick-or-treating.

Aubrey was a princess, and Tyler Jengo Fett.

We went with Lisa, Oliver and Eli.
Here are Aubrey and Eli in their strollers.

Oliver and Tyler (Oliver was a Jedi Knight, so they made a good pair).

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Katrina said...

Your pumpkins are AMAZING! Aubrey is adorable.