Thursday, November 4, 2010


Tyler received a rocket for his fifth birthday from Grandpa Norm. We've been waiting to have the right conditions (and to get us all out to the park to shoot it off) for far too long. FINALLY a couple of weeks ago we went. We took video for Grandpa Norm since he couldn't be here to see it. We shot it off many times.

Here is a video of the first launch. Tyler is first seen picking of burs (or stickers as they call them here). Then he launches it before the end of Wayne's countdown, thus the "What!?" from me. :)

I found it very difficult to film these rockets. We took lots of video...most of it is beautiful blue sky. :) Here is a video Wayne shot that captures it a little better.

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Carolyn said...

We both got a big kick out of the moderately delayed captured video of the first Launch. Almost like we were there with you. Thanks Wayne, Melody and Tyler