Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Pulled out Dick & Jane tonight and Tyler is reading. This makes me smile.

What doesn't make me smile? Wayne is pukey sick. Boo. Perhaps he got this from Aubrey. Hopefully it ends with Wayne. As I write this I feel queasy. Oh psychosomatic brain of mine. :)

Surprisingly I got some things done tonight. Even a tire rotation and oil change. Thankfully the kids behaved themselves while we were there.

I have lots of pictures to post from last weekend. But I'm too tired again tonight to upload and post them. I promise I will...soon!

Is it really only Tuesday? Ah well, I'll be back soon, as promised.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

See Jane run. Run Jane run. You used to help teach those books to your classmates in first grade.