Saturday, March 7, 2009

public apology

I have been knocked out the last few days by a flu or bacterial infection. (Doctor wasn't sure which, more likely a bacterial infection). It started Wednesday, I made it through half of the workday Thursday, then spent most of Thursday afternoon and Friday in bed. This morning, I woke up being able to speak with less pain, without a fever (I think) and a little more energy. But, still not back to normal.

I realized that I didn't know whether our library books were due. So, after working up some strength, I threw some shoes on, and Tyler and I headed out. I was wearing over-sized pistachio green sweatpants and a brown shirt. Tyler, who dressed himself this morning and still had bed head, had picked a navy blue striped shirt and black sweat pants. I caught a glimpse of us in the library window and thought - yikes, how embarrassing!! So, to increase our chances of embarrassment, we headed to McDonald's to pick out a movie for family movie night tonight (so I can lay around some more) and get lunch for Tyler. So, here is my public apology. If you had to see us this morning, I am sorry! I hide my head in shame.

I must admit, I let Tyler pick out his outfit. My rationale was that, first, I didn't have the energy to protest. And second, I enjoyed listening to his method of deciding which clothes to wear. He pulled out two shirts, laid them on his bed and announced that "these are my two options. I have to look at them to decide which one is prettier." He had pulled out blue sweatpants, which would have been slightly better, but he realized they were a little too long. So, logically, he went after those black ones. As for me, I can't even come up with an excuse other than, I am just too tired to care. Oh well! :) We're happily home...where I think I'll fall back into bed.

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