Sunday, March 22, 2009

piles of dirt

There are probably countless things that I did not adequately appreciate as I was growing up. One thing that I took for granted was a place to throw out scraps, weeds, and burn things as needed. Living in town, in such close proximity to neighbors, has especially increased my appreciation for such luxuries. Whenever I work outside, I find myself wishing for the woods or burn pile to dispose of the rose clippings, weeds, etc.

When we moved into our house five years ago, we made some changes to the landscaping. We started a pile of dirt and rose clippings. Five years later, and after digging out several additional flower beds, this little pile really grew and a pile had also been started under the deck. As with many things, I could put it out of my mind until one day, I had had enough. I was done with the dirt pile.

I ran into some road blocks with finding a way to haul the dirt off, and didn't really expect to get rid of it any time soon. Much more quickly than I ever expected, yesterday afternoon, Pat called to say that they were going to borrow a truck. He offered to help haul out our dirt, and even offered to take it to their duplex to dispose of it. (I had expected to have to pay the dump fee).

Woo Hoo!!! I'm quite happy. Though the spots left by the dirt piles are going to need some work, it feels liberating to have them essentially gone!!! Hooray for friends and a husband who helped to get this taken care of!

No photos were taken because Wayne firmly refused. Sorry that you couldn't see all of us windblown, dirty and sweaty. Ha!

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