Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Tyler made a Mother's Day gift for me and told me last night that he would hide it in a spot I only go to in the morning and again in the evening. Aubrey got a little upset, saying that she hadn't gotten me a gift. She proudly wrote her name on a picture she painted yesterday and presented it to me as her gift. She told me many times today how much she loves me and wished me Happy Mother's Day again. I love these two.

This morning, I thought he had forgotten....late in the morning, I asked about it and sure enough, he had hidden it... in my closet. A playing card deck with something he loves about me on each card. I enjoyed reading through it, and will definitely be keeping this in a special spot. I decided to type each of them out here. :)

52 Reasons I Love My Mom 

by Tyler Stuckey

* You have good political opinions [What a start!]
* You have a great hairstyle
* You let me go out to do something often
* You are creative
* You deal with people all day who don't have a clue and isn't grumpy [He cracks me up|]
* You have good manners
* Thinks positively
* You are great at baking
* You are very friendly
* You are very like able
* You have a cool temper
* You are nice to everybody [Could he be more sweet?]
* You are fun
* You do exciting things
* You are strong
* You have good self control
* You have a nice daily schedule
* You have a good reputation
* You like animals
* You are smart
* You are brave
* You pack my lunches
* You jump on the trampoline with us
* You do favors for people
* You are a great sport
* You're funny
* You are good at thinking of fun things to do 
* You got me good school supplies
* You gave me my own room
* You love me
* You don't get stressed easily
* You make fair decisions when me and Aubrey fight

* You don't overreact
* You are full of knowledge
* You don't complain much
* You don't drag me into stores unless necessary

* You don't have many phobias
* You have a good job
* You have good taste in food
* You have great social skills
* You have a good sense of humor
* You are funny [I think he is quite generous with these compliments]
* You aren't strict about when I wake up on weekends
* You are supportive about my soccer games
* You do fun art projects
* You are very, very good at cooking

* You like to take us on fun trips

* You like to take us to fun places in Kansas
* Takes us to nice restaurants
* You are good at art
Happy Mother's Day 2015

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Rachel Kathryn said...

Tyler's gift is THE sweetest! Seriously. I love Aubrey's art, too. There's just something about a child's art that is soooo wonderful! :-)