Sunday, May 3, 2015

Date night

Friday, May 1, was a busy day.
It was a special day for Aubrey at school. They had a bounce house, picnic and other activities. Tyler had no school that day and both kids were invited to play with friends in the the afternoon. Instead, Wayne took Tyler to the doctor and discovered that he had conjuctivitis. Blah. 

After I got home from work that night, I called it boys' date night and girls' date night. 
Wayne and Tyler went to see a movie. 
I had a few errands to run. To lure Aubrey into going along, we started with picking up a slushy, fit a couple of stops in for me, and ended with All Star Sports. She was thrilled and I enjoyed spending some one on one time with my little girl.

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Renita said...

Um, Melly, she doesn't look very little anymore. I hate to break it to you. =)