Sunday, May 3, 2015

At the Bandstand

 Tyler's 4th grade music program was on Tuesday, April 28th. Ted and Sue came to watch with us.

Tyler was supposed to wear his hair slicked back, a white t-shirt, rolled up jeans, and white socks...About an hour before the program, Wayne told me that the shirt he had planned to loan Tyler looked a little big...yep. Oh well!

He still hates posing for pictures. Too bad. 

Wayne used his 80's/90's peg-rolling skills.

Waiting for the 3rd grade program to end before we could go into the auditorium.


The combination of an evening program (when she's tired) and needing to sit still = this. She didn't want to sit with us. Luckily no one sat next to us in our aisle.

Pre-concert selfies

It's hard to get a good picture from my phone with the stage lighting. I forgot this from last year. But, the stage and props were impressive. And the kids did a fabulous job!

A clip of Tyler's class doing their dance to Jailhouse Rock

Our post-concert tradition - a stop at Braum's for ice cream.

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