Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Showalter Visit 2013

Hollins, Rachel, Jillian and Reid came to visit from May 28-June 2. We had been anxiously anticipating their arrival. I made the mistake of telling Aubrey more than a week in advance. So, every day after that, she woke up convinced that this was the day of Jillian's visit. We made a paper chain to count the days, which seemed to help her understand a little better, but did not make a dent in her excited anticipation.
Unfortunately, they arrived feeling under the weather. However, they rallied and did quite a bit, considering how icky they felt.
So, here are some highlights...
Aubrey and Grandma Sue enjoying cookies at the end of an evening.
Playing at Sedgwick County Park's Playscape

Our annual trek to Red Lobster, and second annual chance to pet the lobsters.


A day at the zoo.

Baby geese (wild, but in the yard at the zoo)

Admiring the grizzly.

We didn't think this gorilla was terribly impressed with us.

He perked up a bit...

One evening we roasted S'Mores over the fire pit. The girls were cute sitting together while they waited.

Hollins and I took the kids to a playground one morning.

In Hesston, we enjoyed a walk to the Arboretum.

That day/evening, Wayne and I got sick, so we weren't able to join the family for the last day of their visit. :( I'm so grateful for the time together. However, we still miss you guys! That night, Tyler sobbed because he was so sad that the visit was over. And Aubrey asks on nearly a daily basis to see Jillian, especially if I show her pictures that Rachel has posted of Jillian. I'm so glad they have bonded since we don't live close by. :)

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