Sunday, June 30, 2013


We haven't gone camping since Aubrey was born...that I remember, anyway. We have been saying that it's time, and we intended to go during the spring but ended up with home projects when the weather was ideal.  Our Thursday storm brought milder temperatures. So, since it was a bit last minute to go on a camping trip, I set up the tent in the backyard.

The kids enjoyed playing inside for quite awhile while it was still light out.  Aubrey was most interested in the flashlight. (The extension cord allowed us to run a fan. I figured we might as well enjoy this since we're so close to the house).

Closer to dark, Wayne made a fire in the fire pit. We made S'Mores and relaxed for awhile in front of the fire.

Wayne, Aubrey and I slept in the tent until the middle of the night when Aubrey woke up and asked to come inside. We all came in and finished the night inside.

But, we had a good time and we'll have to go camping for real now!

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Carrie said...

YAY for fans in backyard tents!! :) For a couple of nights, the boys slept in the tent on our back porch (they also had one night out in the yard), with the fan humming nearby.