Saturday, June 29, 2013


I'm having one of those days, maybe weeks, when I just want to freeze time. Aubrey and Tyler are at the age that they (generally) enjoy doing things with us. I hope they don't outgrow that, but we will see...Summer days (apart from going to work) might see us going to the library, the pool, the grocery store. We watch movies, play hide and seek, cook together (or don't cook at all), and play with friends. Nothing that big or different than anyone else is up to in the summer. And I love it. I get kind of sentimental as I imagine the future as an empty-nester, with a quiet house and no little ones giving hugs and kisses and running around making messes. We are certainly not perfect. We have our fair share of lost tempers and days we're short on patience. But that's just part of it. We also have our fair share of talks, snuggles (or wrestling matches depending which child we're talking about), and learning to navigate each day together. And I love it. So, we'll try to make the most of each day...and keep making memories. And that makes my heart happy and content.


Carrie said...

I so hear you. I just love our life too. It's so good and I treasure it and hope that I can enjoy all the stages as much. And I love to think that we are making memories with them, too. Just makes a heart happy. Sounds like stellar good times there in Kansas. :)

Carrie said...

Ack. Now I'm paranoid that sounds too syrupy. Which you didn't sound. was safe for me to be happy out loud. :D