Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Photo Dump

One day, Tyler and I went out for lunch at a restaurant of his choice - Granite City. He loved it.

One afternoon (after nap, thus the diaper and crazy hair), Aubrey came down like this and told me she was ready to go to the zoo! It was very cold and icky outside, and we had no plans of going anywhere, so the combination really cracked me up.

Last weekend the weather was beautiful. A combination of our family went to the zoo 3 days in a row. Saturday it was just me and the kids.

Wednesday, we had an ice storm that brought down a lot of limbs around town. Our trees were all fine, but the neighbor's tree behind us fell into our yard. This morning, Aubrey noted that it was STILL there.

I was happy to stay inside, but Aubrey and Tyler had a great time playing with the ice.
Tyler, trying to look menacing I guess.

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