Thursday, March 21, 2013

Early morning chats

Early morning, around 4 am, Aubrey comes padding into our room, and retrieves me to sleep with her. She usually says something that amuses me, and I want to write a couple of them down, because I know I'm already forgetting some...

The night before St Patty's, I read her a book about St Patrick's Day. The next morning, she asked me why there was a (stuffed) cow in her bed. I told her that I bet that sneaky leprechaun put it in her bed. She paused, then quietly and seriously said,
All day she was looking for Patrick (St Patrick, I assume), to show up. Apparently she misunderstood the book. Imagine her delight when Wayne's friend, Patrick came over that evening. She was bummed that they didn't want her hanging out with them the whole time. The next morning, she asked, "Mom, are Pat and Daddy laying in the bed together?" She was hoping he was because she really wanted Pat to still be at our house so she could play with him again. :P


This morning, when she came to get me at 4:45 am, she said, "Mom, what did we do today?" Then she went on in a very excited voice,
"We catched the babies. It was so cool, I catched all the babies. So many babies everywhere. I catched them. Can we go on an adventure again?"
Dreams about falling babies.

Then when she woke up for the day, the story repeated...
"We catched the babies. It was so cool, I catched all the babies. Are you part of the trip [to catch babies] Mommy? Can I go on adventure today, morrow? Catching babies. (Heavy sigh). But, I feel sad, catching babies. Catching babies went out the window. They went out the window."
Shoulders hunched, she appeared upset about those babies going out the window. What a precious.

I love the imagination and dreams of a little one.


Carrie said...

This was great. :D Love the "catchin' babies" dream!! And the "yikes" makes me laugh.

Melissa said...

I agree - I laughed out loud at the solemn yikes! (Although I have to say that the thought of a leprechaun sneaking into my while I slept is quite terrifying!) Sweet girl catching the babies. :)

Renita said...

You are a good mommy to write these things down. The few times that I remembered, we go back now and read them and the kids just laugh and laugh. I loved the Patrick story from before too. How funny!