Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Visit

About a week ago, my Mom called and asked whether Dad could fly out for this past weekend for a quick visit, as he had a funeral to attend in Hutchinson. Um, of course!

My sister, Lynette, (who I haven't seen in 2 years since they moved to Thailand) happened to be visiting in Indiana at the time with her husband, Rusty, and my 4 month-old nephew, Henry. Mom added an extra special bonus: Lynette and Henry would come along too.

I'm pretty much the luckiest girl in the world.

I love my family. Unfortunately, we live all spread out from Washington to Delaware. So, we treasure the time we have together. We did a little  shopping, caught up and played with the kids.

Here are a few shots from our weekend...

Henry getting a little ride in the backpack. He is such an expressive, giggly, smiley little love.

Lynette and Henry 05-12-2012

Tyler rides, Lynette and Henry walk along

Aubrey tries out the new trampoline

Bright eyed Henry playing with Sue

Tyler got to spend a couple nights in the hotel with Grandpa Norm. He had a great time. On Sunday, for Mother's Day, Dad took him to the store to pick out his own Mother's Day card and they came back with some roses too. How sweet. We went out to eat at Gindi for lunch - Thai and Japanese. Yum!
Mother's Day 2012

Afterwards, we headed to the park.

Grandpa pushing Aubrey 05-13-2012

Henry 05-13-2012

Lynette and Aubrey 05-13-2012

Dad and Wayne 05-13-2012

Dad and Henry 05-13-2012

Aubrey was a little jealous when I was holding Henry. It kind of surprised me - but I guess there are not many times when she has to share me.


Love you guys! :)


Rachel Kathryn said...

What an awesome weekend! Y'all look great, and Henry is just too cute!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics. :)

Melissa said...

great pictures! i'm so glad you could have that time - it's like a rapid recharge for your soul. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great time together...beautiful memories!

Deb said...

Beautiful photos! Especially the one of you and Lynette. It always makes me so happy to see Henry.

Katrina said...

I'm so glad Lynette and Henry got to tag along! I can't wait for a time when you guys are here in Indiana at the same time! And just in case you want to know, my milk let down when I saw the picture of Lynette nursing! Ha! Crazy bodies!

Lynette said...

i LOVED being with you guys. Wish that you lived MUCH MUCH closer.

Renita said...

Trina - TMI. Melody, I love the sister and daddy picture. You take such great pics. Plus you and Lynette are so photogenic. Berta always looks great in pics but the rest of us struggle. There's never a good sister picture. Grrr. I love catching up on your blog. You are eating right now too. You are looking & probably feeling good eh?