Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wednesday, Wayne got all of our bikes ready for the season and began working with Tyler on increasing his confidence on his bike. We spent a long time watching Tyler go back and forth between driveways. Aubrey excitedly cheered "Go Tyler, Go!!" over and over. I didn't have the video camera, so I tried to capture it again the following night. Of course, Aubrey's enthusiasm was not nearly as high. However, she did mutter a few of her often repeated phrases. "Go get 'im!" (It's going to get him). "It's winny!" (It's Windy). "I see dat!" And, she did throw in a "Go Tyler, Go!" for me too. She often says that something is cute. So, I needed to include this one... She says, "awww, baby so cute." I don't remember what baby she was talking about. Then, this morning she didn't want me to get her out of her crib, so I was cleaning up. I had pulled out a package of diapers to put away and she wanted to play with them. I pulled out the camera... I liked that I captured some of her love of her "Lamby."

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