Saturday, May 19, 2012


Aubrey, of course, continues to grow and change quickly. She is spunky and sweet. She's also a ham. Here's a little video of her entertaining me while in her bath tonight:

Some of her often repeated lines:

"Wait a minute (look thoughtfully away)...I an idea!"

"A ______ so cute!" (Usually, "A baby so cute").

"I a choppa chips!" (chocolate chips)

"I a ban-aid too?" (I need a bandaid too).

Since we got our trampoline last weekend, "Jumpa jump?"

She is often asking to watch Umizoomi.

She points to her belly, "Belly screen!"

Every now and then we get to do the "Craaaaaazy shaaaaaake!"

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Rachel Kathryn said...

Ahhhh, so cute! I can't wait to get her and Jill together this summer. :)