Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I haven't blogged in awhile. Over Spring Break, we had a wonderful week in Orlando, that I promise to post about soon. Aubrey is changing and getting big so quickly and is so much fun. Tyler has been drawing cartoons, and offering unexpected I love yous. We have been busy with weeding and checking out plants and trees. Tyler has had soccer and Aubrey started a Gymnastics class. We enjoyed a birthday party, a trip to Botanica, some good food and celebrating Easter. It's spring. It's a time of anticipation and newness of life.

But, this afternoon I learned that a coworker died unexpectedly. Among the other busyness of Tuesday nights, I had planned on decorating cookies...blogging...but instead I find my mind wandering to memories of her, and wondering how her children are faring. How quickly things change. I'm simultaneously in shock and thankful for the time that I have and the love of wonderful family and friends.

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