Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patrick's Day

There's something fun and light-hearted about St. Patrick's Day.

Friday, while the kids played outside with the neighbors, I made a batch of Shamrock Butter Cookies for them to enjoy. They were far from perfect looking - but I love this melt-in-your-mouth butter cookie recipe.

Saturday, I made a treasure hunt that I found on pinterest. I printed out these clues (with a little shamrock on each one...I couldn't figure out how to import my document to blogger). Anyway, I hid these for Tyler to find when he woke up yesterday morning:

There once was a boy who I knew
He looked a little like you!
He got out of bed,
“Good Morning,” he said
Then he found something new in his shoe.

Inside of that shoe was a clue
Written from me to you!
“To find lots of gold
Before catching cold
Go put on a glove or two.”

My treasure is oh so great
So hurry and do not wait!
I dress only in green
and never am seen
I’m hiding under a plate.

You found me at last, hooray!
Thank you for coming to play.
I’m Leprechaun Pete
I’ve brought you a treat.
Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Attached to this last clue, was this treat.

Only instead of Rolos, I used Hershey's Nuggets.

Later, Tyler and Aubrey enjoyed Leprechaun Floats.

What a fun day, and a fun way to kick off Spring Break!

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Deb said...

I love the treasure hunt! I'm sure it was a hit!