Thursday, April 26, 2012

Working on it...

There are so many projects we need to work on around here. One of those is the landscaping in the front of the house. Last fall, Wayne pulled out 3 overgrown bushes and this spring, he pulled out what remained of the stumps.

One of the new additions to the front will be a couple of chairs and table. One evening, Wayne was assembling the table and looked over to discover both kids wedged into the relatively small box. They thought it was pretty exciting. I guess boxes are fun - no matter what size they are.

(My children look a little crazy with their expressions alone. But if you notice something strange about their eyes in this picture - Tyler still had a little eye black under one eye from a birthday party that afternoon, and Aubrey had a scrape from falling down our front cement stairs).

Last weekend, we had the Jaberg's over. We ate dinner, the kids played for awhile, then we pulled out the fire pit and burned up the dried out bushes enjoyed a beautiful evening around the fire.

Aubrey busily stuffing leaves through the fence. (After apparently sitting in wet play sand).

Our "big" boys loved helping to keep the fire burning.

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