Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

May I preface this post by saying that we did a poor job of documenting our holiday with pictures? OK - I needed that disclaimer.

This Christmas season, like many before, I came home from work, we hurriedly packed up the car, and began our journey to Indiana. We had a fairly uneventful trip. Aubrey hated her car seat for long periods, as expected. Overall, however, it went well.

Our first afternoon/evening we spent with Dave and Teneesa Stuckey's family. We enjoyed catching up while the kids played together.

And the dads and kids did a little last-minute "Christmas decorating." ;)
I just had to include this picture - Dave cracks me up.

Christmas was definitely different this year. My mom was in Thailand with Lynette and Rusty anxiously awaiting the birth of their new baby boy, Henry.  Needless to say, we were all anxiously awaiting his birth and were thrilled when he was born on December 27 (late evening on the 26th for us) at a healthy 8 pounds, 10 ounces.  We enjoyed staying connected with phone calls and Skyping.

Henry Miles Polinder
Isn't he just precious?

Tim, Carrie and family arrived on Christmas day. We had our traditional fondue meal that evening. Grandma Polly joined us, which we really enjoyed.

Fondue - December 25, 2011

I'm including this little video for Mom, Rusty and Lynette's sake since they couldn't be with us. (At least, that's why we took it).

We enjoyed some snow while we visited. After a little sledding, the Gator was put to good use. It reminds me of my childhood, when Dad would pull us on sleds behind the snowmobile.

Zion and Aubrey

Layla Grace

We spent a day in Decatur, visiting Wayne's Grandma, Billie, and got to enjoy seeing Uncle Max for lunch as well. Then we headed to Indianapolis for a few days to celebrate with the Stuckey side of the family.  We packed a lot of fun into those days. We enjoyed a morning at Monkey Joe's with loads of indoor inflatables. We did a little shopping, including a visit to the Lego store for Tyler. It was Trader Joe's for me. (I need connections...just some way to get a Trader Joe's in Wichita)! We enjoyed some delicious meals out, my favorite being a delicious family-style dinner at Maggiano's. Yum!

And of course, present opening.

Doesn't Hollins just make you smile? :)

We had such a good time. It's so good to reconnect and enjoy just being together. The celebratory spirit of Christmas doesn't hurt either.
Missing you all already.


Beth said...

Great pictures, especially the one of sweet little Henry!

Melissa said...

that picture of Aubrey with the ribbons on her face just cracks me up!

Rachel Kathryn said...

That picture of Holly at the end is priceless! ;)