Saturday, January 7, 2012

Celebrating (almost) 2 years!

Wayne's sister, Rachel, was scheduled to be induced on January 15th - Aubrey's birthday! And since Ted and Sue would travel to be there, we celebrated this evening. They treated us to dinner at Gindi (Japanese and Thai food - yum)! Then we came back for presents and dessert.

First, a picture of Aubrey who has learned (this week) to climb up on the kitchen stools...of course, from the stool is access to the counter and cupboards...

Watching Sesame Street

Anyway, here she is, inspecting the Sesame Street themed wrapping paper. This kept her happy for quite awhile...but she did finally ask to open it.

Admiring her new finger paints.

Trying out her new watercolors.

Elmo and Cookie Monster Cupcakes. Not professional-looking, but at least Aubrey recognized who they were supposed to be. ;)

Getting ready to dig in.

While we were celebrating this evening, we got a call that Rachel is in labor! So, we're now excitedly anticipating the news of the birth of their new baby!


Melissa said...

awwww, happy early birthday Aubrey!

Rachel Kathryn said...

I know its a sneaky move on her part, but Aubrey looks super-cute on the counter watching SS. Loved her birthday pics, too!