Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the truth

Me: "How does watermelon sound tonight?"
Tyler: "Good. I loooove watermelon. But I can't eat a black seed because a watermelon will grow in my stomach if I do."
Me: "Watermelons don't grow in your stomach if you eat seeds. Who told you that?"
Tyler: "My friends. Why did they tell me that if it's not true?"
Me: "Well, maybe someone told them that and they believed it and told you. Sometimes adults tell kids things like that, just for fun. But, you can eat the seeds and nothing will happen."
Tyler: "What other things like that do adults tell kids?"
Me: "Well, my Grandma used to tell me to be careful if I crossed my eyes, because they might stay that way. Isn't that silly?"
Tyler: (Laughing) "Yes! What other silly things do adults tell kids?"
Me: (With Tyler's prompts for MORE after being told each one) "Hmmm, well, if you swallow gum it'll stay in your body for seven years. ...or if you drink the foam off of a root beer float it'll make you stronger, ...or if you drink caffeine it'll stunt your growth."
Tyler: (Looong pause, thinking for awhile, then laughing) "Oh, I bewieved that foam diiiid make you stronger."

Just wanted to let you family and friends know that the gig is up. I spilled the beans. :)


Anonymous said...

so cute! love those kid conversations!

Katrina said...

So cute!

Carolyn said...

You gotta love that stuff (from Dad)