Sunday, April 4, 2010

little updates

I just wanted to write a few notes about Little Miss Aubrey... already 11 weeks-old ...before I forget. The last three consecutive nights, I have gotten 8 hours of sleep and Aubrey has had 10-11 hours/night- only interrupted once to re-insert her pacifier. I have probably jinxed it, by putting it in writing, but I have really enjoyed it.

Little Miss sleeps best in her crib, on her belly (which still makes me nervous, I admit) with her pacifier. She seems to sleep better if she has had some outside time during the day, so I'm glad it's warming up. She runs her hand back and forth over the sheet and turns her head from side to side and, usually without crying, she quickly falls asleep. Of course, some times she has an upset tummy, our schedule has been different or she just needs some extra rocking.

She LOVES any ceiling fan or mobile to look at, but especially loves the butterfly mobile above her changing table. She kicks, arms flail, eyes are wide and she squeals and grunts in delight.

She HATES putting on sleeves. After her bath, during which she smiles and coos, and I lay her down and begin putting on her sleeves, she cries. Every. Time. Hates those sleeves.

I love these two.


Carolyn said...

I love them too. Thanks for keeping Nana Carol up to date

Kathy Beachy said...

They are precious