Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tyler remembers Olive

Tyler continues to talk about little Olive and occasionally cries for her. He talks about how cute she was. The night that Lynette wrote about, Tyler also talked about God bringing Jesus back to life. The next day, he told me, "I prayed that God would give Olive another life in this world."

He's also asked me lots of questions.

"Are there robbers there?" "Are there bullies?" (I think he worries whether she will be safe)
"What if Olive dies in her second life?" (And worrying whether she will suffer again)
"Is she a baby angel or is she an adult?"
"Where is heaven? Is it higher than outer space. I think it is."
"Will Aubrey die?" (When someone dies, it also reminds me of our mortality and of those around us)

I must admit, I have never even considered some of his questions, but it has made me think a lot more about heaven...and realize how little I understand or know. I don't know all the answers, and I'm not sure I'm giving him the right answers. Because, how do I really know? But, I'm glad he's asking, and thinking out loud. And making me think.

The other day, he said,

"Mommy, I'm still sad that Olive died...but I'm not as sad as I was before. Do you know why? Because I know I'll see her again some day in heaven."


Beth said...

What a sweeetie!

Carolyn said...

so precious. Keep recording

Timothy Miller said...

That's beautiful.