Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pictures from the Week

I am so grateful for our time spent with family and friends while we were in Indiana. Here are some pictures from the past week or two.

Holding Aubrey in our Moby Wrap. I am so glad to have had it for the airport and the day of the burial. Aubrey slept so well in it.

Tyler enjoying cousin time playing Wii with Gabe (and Zion).

Aunt Lynette showing the boys pictures and videos.

Lynette putting the mess makers to work cleaning up. She is so great with them. I think they enjoyed themselves. :)

Rachel and Jillian were able to come for a visit! Rachel and Wayne swapped babies for awhile.

Great Grandma Polly holding Aubrey

Aunt Anna, who helped so much with Olive, and getting the house ready for Olive. And this week, brought food, flowers and love.

My little mouse

Snuggling with Grandma Carol

Tyler and his 2nd cousin Brennan

Uncle Rusty



Rach said...

Great pics!! Your letter to Olive is touching and so true--she was loved by SO many!! Aubrey is looking beautiful. I even think she looks a little different from when I saw her last week. How quickly they change! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks... :)

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

i loved all the pictures. Aubrey is soooo ridiculously cute. We miss you guys already. I loved the letter you wrote to Olive. and I love you :>)

Melissa said...

what a pretty girl ... in that first pic i saw a glimpse of tyler in your lil lady.

Timothy Miller said...

Aubrey has really pretty clothes.

Also, tell Wayne that Tim and Carrie like the Bearded Wayno. But he would look even better if he always had a battle axe on his back.