Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Aunt Lynette sent this adorable owl outfit. Now Aubrey really fits into her owl-themed room.

The Nikon's batteries need to be charged, so we resorted to the old point and shoot tonight. I'm glad we don't have to use this camera all the time anymore.

I enjoyed some alone time at Target today, and I feel refreshed. Wayne offered to stay with Aubrey and Tyler was at preschool. I really enjoyed the alone time and even found some $15 owl wall appliques for Aubrey's room, which I'm very excited about.

We've been busy adjusting, but I will try post again soon.


Carrie said...

Whooo whooo is that sweet little munchkin?? :) Such a doll baby... Love you, Aubrey sweetheart!!! I really like your new outfit.

Melissa said...

what a pretty lil bird-wearin cutie pie!

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

thanks for the pictures! She looks adorable in her new little owl suit. :>)