Monday, December 28, 2009

Coming home...

Lynette, Rusty and Olive are preparing to make their flight home! They had resolved that they would be in Thailand for at least a few more months for Olive's shunt surgery and recovery, as they expected an evacuation would be too costly. However, just a few days ago, they learned that it was not only possible, but going to happen...on the 29th!

It all feels a bit surreal, since it has happened so quickly, and since last evacuation was canceled. She has been more stable, can now regulate her body temperature, can suck (which hopefully will help with relieving pressure) and is often off of oxygen. They should be arriving in South Bend tomorrow, the 29th, around 5 pm!!!!

We are praying for safety, comfort, and that it could all go smoothly. Lynette's blog update gave more specific prayer requests...and indicates her excitement about it all. "I have never felt so patriotic in my entire life in my love for home."

I wish I were there to greet them! :)

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Matt said...

I wish you were here to greet them too!