Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Double click for a larger view. Tyler saw this collage. He said, pointing at the pictures of him wearing the white wig, "don't ever show those pictures to anyone, not ever." I just love his "scary" faces, though.

Tyler woke up yesterday, after weeks of anticipating Halloween, and said excitedly, "today we can be really creepy." We made "creepy food" to celebrate.

Tyler (Darth) and his friend, Oliver, (football player) enjoyed trick-or-treating together last night.


Deb said...

Excellently creepy food! I don't think I could eat the "witch's fingers" without a little shiver going down my spine.

Matt said...

Is Tyler developing a Star Wars obsession? Brennan is becoming a HUGE fan of the movies and loves to play Lego Star Wars on Grandma Kathy's Wii.

Lynette said...

those witch fingers are DISGUSTING. Can you post more photos of Tyler and you for halloween, and make them bigger? You don't have to tell Tyler that you are doing it.

Lynette said...

oh..coolio me just realized i just need to double click on the photos to get bigger.