Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goodbye boys

Ted and Sue, Wayne's parents, called us yesterday morning to tell us that Hollins and Rachel's new baby girl, Jillian Kaye, had been born. They were planning a week-long visit to Indianapolis, leaving at 6 am this morning.

Last evening, Wayne told me that he thought it'd be great if he and Tyler could go make an extended weekend visit sometime soon. We discussed whether I could go too - and decided I should stay here. I, rather impulsively, suggested that they tag along with his parents.

So, last night we got them all packed up and at 5 this morning, they headed to Hesston to meet up with Wayne's parents. I must admit, I miss them already. I've never been away from Tyler for more than two nights.

But, I also know they'll have a great time. I'm jealous of the time they'll get to spend together, and of holding new, sweet little Jillian. We looked at pictures last night, and Tyler declared that she is "adorable" and I must agree.

So, while they're gone, I'll work on getting some things done, relax and try not to miss them too much. :)

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