Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Last Friday, while I was at school for Teacher Work Day, my parents flew in from Indiana for the weekend. I was at school, while my family enjoyed a trip to the zoo and a Thai lunch. Mom and Dad, by the way, got to see the new tiger exhibit before me. Oh, those lucky Hoosiers. :)

However, soon I was able to join them. We had a busy, fun, weekend together.

*We had dinner Friday in Hutchinson at uncle Ken's. After which, the boys went on a walk and I got a chance to chat with my Mom and aunts. After a late stop at uncle Ellis's house, we locked ourselves out of the rental car. Leave it to those farm boys to get that taken care of within about two minutes!

* Saturday, we played a little corn hole. I do believe that those of us less experienced players did improve a little during our games.

* We went to the water park so Tyler could show off his new swimming moves.

*And in the evening, we attended Cheri and Sam Flaming's wedding. It was sweet and romantic. And the food was good too. :)

*Sunday, we headed back up to Hutch for lunch and an afternoon of hanging out. We got to go tour Grandpa David's home and see how it really didn't change at all since he lived there. It had been a long time since I had been there and brought back lots of memories. Like that time I overdosed on Grandma Laura's Christmas candy and ended up feeling sick all evening. Ahh, the memories.

Before we knew it, it was time for Mom and Dad to head back to Indiana. Luckily, they are coming out again soon for a reunion, so we don't have to wait too long to see one another again.

Since then, I've been busy enjoying my week off of school before returning to work for Extended School Year (ESY). Put very simply, it's summer school for special education students.

So far this week, we've gone back to the water park, done a little shopping, napping, and gone to the zoo. Yes, I too have now seen the tigers!

And, perhaps most exciting...On Tuesday, Wayne installed the new storm door. It works beautifully. We had cross ventilation last night! The sun can shine in! And in moments of bad-Mommydom, now I can watch Tyler play in the driveway from inside the house. I know most people already have storm doors. Perhaps it is difficult to share in my love of the storm door. But, in any case, I. Am. Excited.

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Matt said...

There's no reason to be ashamed of your excitement for the storm door. We've considered adding one but never pulled the trigger. Speaking of home improvements, did I miss an update on the toilet project?