Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kansas City

Last weekend, we went to Kansas City with Wayne's parents, Ted and Sue. We had a great time and packed in quite a few fun activities.

On Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, we took in KC Royals vs Cincinnati Reds baseball games. (And ate lots of ballgame food). Tyler whispered in my ear, asking which team we were cheering for. I explained which team we were going for, especially Grandpa. But, I explained he could cheer for the Royals since they are our Kansas team. He looked aghast and whispered that he would not cheer for the Royals! How dare I suggest such a thing? :) Sadly, the Reds lost both games. But, I must admit that it was neat to see the home team win. Tyler had a hard time sitting through the games, so a lot of time was spent walking and playing. I wonder how many more years it will be until he actually enjoys the game.

Saturday morning, we ventured to a local restaurant, Fritz's, where your food is delivered via a little train.

Tyler had been up late with us at the game/fireworks, so he was a little hard to get going in the morning. He was not quite ready to wear his engineer hat. Here I am, trying to make him jealous by wearing it myself. (It didn't work).

He did finally wear the hat, with his fake smile and glazed over eyes, obliging his father for the sake of the picture.

Tyler wanted to show Grandpa and Grandma T-Rex Cafe. He had a great time, and it was hard to convince him to leave.

Ted and Sue took Tyler to see Up. Wayne and I enjoyed the rare treat of seeing a movie together and saw The Taking of Pelham 123.

Sunday, we enjoyed a morning at the Kansas City Zoo. We loved the solitude and serenity. There were hills!! and lots of trees!! and water and birds singing and we just loved soaking in the feeling that we were far away from the city. It is huge, which is probably why we didn't see many people, and we didn't get to see nearly all of it. But, we'll just have an excuse to come back another time.

We all especially enjoyed the sea lion show.

Of course, there were yummy meals, swimming, some shopping, and relaxing thrown in too. We had a great time. Thanks, Ted and Sue!


Melissa said...

you cut your hair! lookin gooood! especially with the engineer hat ;)

Kathy Beachy said...

Sounds like fun.