Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Yesterday, we stopped at Kohl's. Wayne stayed in the car and Tyler came in with me. While we were there, I saw some neckties and decided it was time to update Wayne's selection (since his only ties are from high school and college...and are a bit outdated). We purchased two neckties and I told Tyler that they are for Wayne for Father's Day. I neglected to say that this was a secret.

We got into the car and Wayne asked what we got. I told him about the clothes I had gotten. Tyler piped up, "and we got you three bow ties." OK, so he wasn't really paying attention, but close enough I guess.

Wayne asked Tyler whether it was supposed to be a secret. I looked at Tyler and nodded, that yes, it was supposed to be a secret. Tyler looked uncomfortable. To Wayne, I said, "well, that's not quite right anyway." Like that's really tricky of me. Ha ha.

Tyler, in the meantime, sat quietly then piped up, "actually, we got you two plants for the garden." Then grabbed my face and whispered, "I'm tricking him."

I love that he tried to fix it and came up with his own creative explanation. As long as he learns only to tell little white lies when it is something like this. Never mind that we all know you can't buy plants at Kohl's. :)

Happy Father's Day, Wayne. And, to our fathers, Norm and Ted. We love you and appreciate you!

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