Sunday, June 29, 2008


I've been a delinquent blogger recently, as much has happened, and I've written little. So, it is time for a brief update!
Tuesday morning, I left early to get a haircut and returned to discover that my dear son had a very red, swollen left ear. It was not only significantly larger than the other, it flopped when he touched it. I described it as a Snow White's dwarf ear - dopey, or whoever had those big, floppy looking ears.
I was barely home before I had to leave to go have lunch with my former supervisor from Healthy Beginnings (in Elkhart). On the way, I called Tyler's doctor's office in Wichita and explained what Tyler's ear looked like. I was guessing it was a spider bite and just wondered if there was something they suggested to put on it...and how to tell whether I needed to take him in to be checked (what was unsaid in my mind - to prevent it from turning black and falling off or to prevent it from causing his death - I'm always good at thinking up worst-case scenarios).
Anyway, the nurse didn't offer any calming words - only suggested that I contact the insurance company to find out where the local contracted urgent care centers are located and suggested that I take him in. So, I pretty much panicked!!! But, in the meantime, I tried to relax and did have a great time seeing my former coworkers, most of whom are the same as when I left!!
When I got home, and freaked out even more, Dad and Wayne calmed me down a bit, and talked me out of taking him to the urgent care center that evening. However, in the meantime, I applied every home-remedy I could think of or read about. Tyler took an antihistamine, we put on hydrocortisone cream, crushed aspirin and mixed it with water to put on his ear, gave him colloidal silver (a natural antibiotic), and ice packs. Ironically, that morning, I had just told my cousin Katrina that I think I'm becoming a less paranoid parent than I used to be. Wah ha ha ha.
Here is what the ear looked like from behind:

and in front:
Luckily - by Wednesday morning, it was much less red and swollen. By Thursday, it was nearly back to normal. (Big sigh of relief).
Tuesday evening, Dad flew Wayne, Tyler and I down to Rochester, IN for supper. Rochester is the chosen spot because you can walk from the airplane, across the road to a family-style restaurant.
Here are the boys pulling the plane out of the hangar.

Tyler, completing the pre-flight check. (wink wink)

Tyler loved the headphones, and the microphone...sometimes a little too much.

After the flight down, posing for me.

I think we were chatting about behaving, but we could pretend we were just engaged in deep conversation. :)

On the way home, Dad let Wayne fly (from take-off to landing) 95% of the time. Thankfully, Dad helped some with the landing. (I had put my mouthpiece away from my mouth so that my gasps of concern would not distract the pilot! :) No, actually, he did a great job and it was neat that he had the opportunity!

This picture is to document Tyler getting a little squirmy on the trip back.

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Kris said...

Emma had that same big, red, itchy, swollen ear last winter. She actually broke out into hives, then, that lasted on and off for a month. She took an antihistimine and her doc determined it was more than likely a reaction to a virus. I couldn't trace it to any food or anything else. Eventually the hives went a way. It's all such a mystery!!