Sunday, June 22, 2008


The day after we returned from Florida, we packed up again and drove to Indianapolis to visit Wayne's sister, Rachel, her husband, Hollins, and Caesar (beloved dog). At this point, Tyler was becoming very confused about where he lives, where we were going, how long it would take and was vocal about missing his Daddy.

Uncle Hollins was very kind and invited Tyler to help him feed Caesar and give him treats. Tyler was a little cautious about the whole thing, but loved Caesar's tail sweeping his face and his kisses.

We enjoyed relaxing, shopping, and on Wednesday, went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. It was impressive. We decided that if we lived in Indy, we would have a season pass. Tyler could probably spend several hours in one exhibit alone. We all had a great time!
In the center of the museum is this impressive Dale Chihuly blown glass sculpture.

Tyler pointing at the bat mobile. (In sepia tone because it was such a dark picture, you couldn't see it otherwise).

The Curious George exhibit was lots of fun for Tyler. Here he is holding his head because he hit it as he was getting ready to go down the slide. Ouch!

Loading parcels was lots of fun.

Making designs.

This was one of Wayne's favorite. It's a contraption that moves billiard balls around. Kids got to be part of keeping things moving along.

Wayne and Rachel enjoyed putting this arch together. Tyler then enjoyed knocking it down.

Rachel and Tyler

I believe that Tyler's favorite exhibit was the dinosaur exhibit. He is really into dinosaurs anyway these days, and it was very impressive.
In this picture, you can barely see Tyler's head sticking up in the bubble.

Dinosaurs to play with.

Tyler "excavating."

Tyler in the race car.

The playscape was a special exhibit for kids 5 and under. Tyler basically stayed at the water and sand stations. He had a great time.

Tyler was very sad when it was time to leave. He had a great time. The vast majority of exhibits were hands-on and great fun! We will definitely have to go back.
Thursday we spent the day with Wayne's grandparents, Wayne and Willa Mae (Billie) and his uncle, Max, in Decatur. On the way there, Tyler was distressed because he didn't understand that his Daddy would stay with us. He was a lot happier once he understood that Daddy was going with us. While we were there, I failed to take any pictures :( but I promise we had a great time! They served us two wonderful meals and we enjoyed chatting outside as it was a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Great to see your update. I've been waiting. We sure miss you. Just talked to Rachel and she said what a good time you had at the Children's museum.
I'll bet Tyler has grown an inch.


Rach said...

Thanks for putting the pictures up! We sure had a great time with all of you!! :)