Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Trying to wear both the pilgrim and Native American gear simultaneously. I didn't realize until later that I never got pictures of the table or the company! Sue had sung in The Creation at Hesston Thanksgiving evening, so we enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. We had a collaborative effort and it was quite tasty.

We had an ice storm that seemed to never end on Thanksgiving week/ weekend. This girl was all about it and spent hours playing alone outside.

My little helper who wanted to get out and decorate the tree. Why not?! We were stuck inside anyway and I love the coziness Christmas lights bring.

I mustache you a question. OK. That's lame, but they still love their silly straws from Steamboat this summer.

No one was hurt in the posing of this photo...Tyler just wanted to show Grandma Sue his new nerf gun...purchased with birthday money but finally picked and delivered.

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