Sunday, November 16, 2014

Halloween 2014

This is the first year in ... forever, that Wayne hasn't joined us in carving pumpkins. The virus that started with Aubrey made its way to Tyler then Wayne. So, this year he was out. Aubrey and I made the pirate and Hello Kitty pumpkins. Tyler carved the pumpkin below. When a couple of days later Wayne still wasn't interested, Tyler carved another one. It's fun that he can now do this on his own. (Other than gutting them...still my job).

 Two nights before Halloween, we went to the Sam's Club Halloween scavenger hunt. I was impressed with what they put together and the kids loved it. (It also made our shopping trip quite enjoyable).

The next night was Trunk or Treat.

Red Ninja and Mermaid

Every time (all 3 nights) that anyone asked her whether she was a mermaid, whether she was Ariel, or even whether she liked to swim, she said that she's "not the real Ariel."

Aubrey loved running into her preschool friends, Claire and Emma. (The cows were having a little dance party by their car).

On Halloween, I enjoyed visiting Tyler at school for his party. I wasn't planning on going, but he really wanted me to come, which surprised me. So, I went, of course. I don't know how much longer he'll want me there. (And this is the last year that I'll only have one in school, and don't have to decide which party to attend).

The room parent did a great job of coming up with Minute To Win It activities that the kids enjoyed. It was the least chaotic class party I've been to. (She split them into three groups so that there was not such a large group eating or playing games all at the same time).

On Halloween, we went trick-or-treating with Michael's family and soon after we started we were thrilled when Eli and Lisa joined us.

Aubrey and Eli held hands for quite awhile. So adorable.

(And yes, Aubrey thought she had to tell people that he's not the real Scooby Doo). I guess she was concerned they were going to confuse our community with their costumes. Silly.

I saw this the week before Halloween. Every time I saw an Elsa (or 2 together), I had to laugh and think about this. 

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