Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Craft

Today it snowed and I am cozy inside. So, much to Wayne's chagrin, I pulled out the Christmas tree. I had to cut off about half of the pre-strung lights as they have gone out. So, that took a couple of hours and wasn't any fun. I'm definitely not looking forward to when the other half needs to be taken off. But, Aubrey has been begging to get Christmas decorations out ever since we packed up Halloween decorations. She patiently waited and was quite excited to help hang ornaments. 
Later, the kids got themselves dressed and played outside by themselves. Um. That is awesome.

 This week, I saw a few different Christmas decorations on Pinterest here and here. I thought they looked simple and we had most of the needed items already on hand.

Yesterday, Aubrey and I did a little shopping. While we were out, we picked up ribbon and glitter glue. Mid shopping trip, we took a break to stop at a park...and picked up pine cones.

When we got home, Aubrey and I painted the edges of the pine cones and when they dried added a little glitter. (Okay, so she did one and then ran off to play). Since we had everything else on hand, it was a quick and easy decoration. 

I hot glued ribbon to the rest (and then hooks when I ran out of ribbon) for ornaments. 
A quick and inexpensive way to change things up. 

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