Sunday, August 24, 2014

Middlebury June 2014

I am behind. Again. These are pics from our Middlebury visit in June.
Trampoline fun

Davis Mercantile Carousel in Shipshewana

(Aubrey has been begging to come back to the "roller coaster" for a long time)

Afterward, frozen yogurt in the buggy at the Hitching Post.

Sweet little Caroline

The Flea Market. While Tim was searching for the perfect fragrance, Layla fell asleep with such a comfy ride.

Dad cooking up some yummy-ness on the Green Egg.

Another fun visit to the Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park

Yep - we're dorks.

Helping Grandpa

And playing 

Day trip to the Warren Dunes State Park


Drink/Snack break

Zion soaking in the sun

This ill-prepared Mom thought it would be too chilly to get in the Aubrey just had to strip down when her clothes got wet.


A buggy ride from the neighbors.

Answering their many questions

Carrie caught Aubrey's amusement at Spark's yawns after he gave us a couple of rides.

Mom and I showed up after they had already started power parachuting and discovered that this was Aubrey and Dad already up and flying.

"That was AWESOME!"

Family picture time

The lucky ones who married in. :) Carrie looks especially lucky to be photographed with these two. ;)

Followed by a mulberry gathering ride on the gator.

Pics from a walk with Tyler one morning.
At the cabin, this butterfly caught my eye.

Look who we passed on the pumpkinvine trail...

A visit to Olive's grave. She is always close to our hearts.

Grandma outdid herself again!

Our after-dinner entertainment.

Brennan catching frogs...and Tyler guarding them from escape.

Sawyer showing Aubrey the ropes.

A peacock escapee that we found crossing Mom and Dad's lane.

Bike ride to final Friday...first Friday...whatever it is. :) Listening to some music intently.

Of course, Wayne has to play on the scooter. 

He loves that I ask him to take another picture. Loves it.


Love these two

A little scooter ride/walk on our last evening.

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