Monday, August 25, 2014

Back in School

Tyler's first day of 4th grade was August 12. Fourth. Grade. 
How is he growing up so fast? 
Speaking of... He wears size large and wears size 7 shoes. No longer a little boy.

He really likes his new teacher, Ms Nietfeld. We both like that she doesn't automatically send daily homework. This makes our evenings much more relaxing.

Tyler's Fourth Grade Favorites:

Color – Lime Green
TV Show – The Amazing World of Gumball
Food - Shrimp
Drink – Mango juice
Snack - Doritos
Favorite thing about school - PE
When I grow up, I want to be – a Chef
Book – “Every book I’ve ever read” 

Aubrey's first day of preschool was ... TODAY! She has been very excited to go back to school.

It was cute to see the little reunion of friends from class last year. Unfortunately, only one friend is in the same class this year. But they sure were cute chatting together. They were the only group of kids that gathered to run, giggle and talk while we waited for the doors to open.

Ready to go into Ms. Patti's class with her friend, Violet. She was excited to go in and only quickly turned around to say goodbye.

Aubrey's Preschool Favorites:

Color – Pink and purple
TV Show –Uncle Grandpa
Food – Chicken Tikka Masala and Chimichangas
Drink – Chocolate Milk
Snack – Frozen Peas
Favorite thing about school- Getting the mail
When I grow up, I want to be – a Singer
Book- Go, Dog. Go.

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