Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sue's Retirement

April 22nd was the Hesston College retirement party at the Water's Edge. Sue invited us to celebrate her retirement of 27 years.  We enjoyed celebrating the retirement of Sue, Sena Osborne, Lorna Harder, Nelson Kilmer, Marion Bontrager and Hugo Boschmann. For alumni, I think it's hard to imagine campus without all of these HC legends. There were also numerous other staff moving on to different roles. 

They served Chicken Bryan, potatoes, green beans, salad and cake. 

Each person moving on was recognized for their service with a speech about what they had done and what were moving on to do. We enjoyed watching a picture collage video of pictures of those people who were leaving through their years at the college. 

Then, for the retirees, a colleague gave a speech about them, then the retiree gave a little speech.

Sue talked about the things she wouldn't miss (cutting and burning her hands, unloading the Sysco delivery, etc), as well as the things she would miss (celebrating, grieving, and sharing life with in the tight-knit HC community). Sue reminisced about her family connection to HC as well, with having both Wayne and Rachel attend there.

She got a little choked up and many of us got teary with her.

They also had a nice video at the end with colleagues and students saying some nice words about the retiree.
Ken Rodgers closed the evening by leading us in 606/118 which always warms my heart and reminds me of my time at HC.

Pat and Lisa kindly watched the kids for us so we could relax and enjoy celebrating with Sue.

Aubrey and Eli were busy being Captain America and Captain America Girl saving baby animals and defeating the Green Goblin. ;)

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