Monday, April 21, 2014


Sometimes they fight, yes. But sometimes they are so sweet to each other. Even though this was a competition of who could climb up the stairs or scale the slide and reach the top first, they had a fabulous time, laughing and having fun...and neither got hurt!

Last weekend we got snow! I had just planted my garden (in 87 degree weather) a few days before. So, I  had to cover up my newly planted tomatoes and peppers in anticipation of the weather.

 I had asked Mom to mail out Aubrey's helmet that we had accidentally left there last summer as she wants to ride all the time now. Aubrey couldn't have been more thrilled with her new pink bicycle helmet!  A surprise for both of us. Mom said that the cost of mailing the old one was so close to a new one with no shipping. It all worked out for Aubrey who sometimes just wears it for fun.

We planted at Shumard Oak on April 12. Hopefully it survives so we can remember when it was once so little.

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