Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Days

We've been in a drought around here. I've heard that we are nearing dust-bowl levels of drought. So, it's been awhile since we've gotten much precipitation. A winter storm was predicted to be headed our way, early in the week, but we're in Kansas. Things can change quickly, so we believe it when we see it.
Wednesday morning, around 9, I left my base school to visit another school. The snow had started to fall before then, but the roads were still fine. By about an hour later, the roads were slick and it was still coming down steadily. Evening parent-teacher conferences were canceled, so I got to come home at my normal time. The roads were decent by the end of the work day, and we enjoyed the snow. A novelty around here.

That evening, they canceled school for both Tyler and I for Thursday. We were excited and looked forward to burrowing in for an unplanned day at home. I woke up to lightning and thunder during the night and heard on the news the next day it's actually called thunder snow. I think that sounds funny.   And it kept snowing most of the day.

Around here, they don't have the kind of snow removal equipment we had growing up in Northern Indiana. Side streets are not plowed. We had shoveled the driveway on Wednesday night, but you never would have known that yesterday. As I struggled and huffed and puffed on the driveway yesterday, and the snow stuck to each scoop of the shovel, I stopped when I was a little over halfway done. It was heavy, thick, and I figured that even if I could get out of our driveway in the morning, I'd be immediately stuck in the thick snow still on the street. We ended up with 14.2 inches of snow. So, we weren't surprised when they canceled school for today too.

Playing in the snow today...

(Okay, most of Aubrey's snow play consists of eating snow). Kansas?!


Love it. :)

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