Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stuckeys in St Louis

We usually make a trip home to Indiana in the summertime. This summer, my parents had a trip to Alaska. The timing of their return to Indiana didn't coordinate well with my week off of work. So, though we  missed seeing a lot of friends and family, our trip "home" just didn't work out this year. Instead, we were so glad that Dave and Teneesa Stuckey (and their kids Amelia and Owen) could meet us in St. Louis for a couple of days.

This time we did bring our camera. But, most of these pictures are from Dave and Teneesa's camera. They have a great camera and did a better job of documenting our trip than we did.

We started our mini vacation off with a little dip in the hotel pool. It was a bit green and it was rumored to be freezing (I was the only one who never ventured in), but it didn't bother the kids.

Some bedtime reading. I find it endearing when Tyler looks after Aubrey...and when she lets him. 

We ate some good food while we were together. Our first breakfast was at a diner. I think this is a cute picture of Teneesa and Amelia.

Aubrey on Teneesa's iPhone. Another reason I need an iPhone. ;)

On our full day together, we started with a trip to the zoo. Here we're petting/touching (whatever you call it) the stingrays. A few of our crew touched the sharks too.

At the children's zoo, they enjoyed brushing the goats.

A ride on the carousel.

Since the temp was over 100 degrees that day, we took the train as often as we could.  (Sorry about the pole, Dave)!

Getting a bit worn out.

Tyler and Owen looking tough with the Rhinoceros Beetle statue.

Hot and tired after a long day at the zoo.

After a little rest, we headed back out. First we found a delicious Italian restaurant for dinner.

 Then walked to the arch.

Tyler and Owen checking it out at the base.

Dave, Wayne and the kids (sans Aubrey) getting ready to ride the elevator to the top.

The view from the top.

Checking it out.

We had a great time! :)

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