Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

So, last weekend, Mom and Dad came out for the Miller reunion. I took Friday off so that I could enjoy a little more time with them. That afforded me the opportunity to take Tyler to school for the first time since he started 1st grade. We walked in with the herd of little people (his school has only kindergarten and first grade classes ). By "we," I mean that Tyler and I walked in...followed closely behind by Mom and Dad, both carrying their video cameras. I carried my camera. I think it is safe to say that the start of Tyler's day was thoroughly documented.

Here he is choosing what he wants for lunch on the Promethean board.

Here, he gets to work...flanked by paparazzi. :)

Saturday and Sunday (and most of Monday) was the Miller reunion in Partridge, Kansas. For those of you who attended the Yoder reunion a couple summers ago - we were at the same place.

Eating breakfast on the first day.

Monday, Aubrey, Tyler and Dad took a little ride with Ellis on the tractor to do a little "work." ;)

We had a great visit!

I'll part with a couple of random pictures that just make me smile. :)

Aubrey loves chocolate. And is a little goof. And has a snotty nose. (She is saying "cheese" and really isn't about to attack, like it looks).

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Katrina said...

Flanked by the paparazzi! So true! LOL!