Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ty goes to the dentist...finally!

After at least 3-4 attempts (since he was two years old) at taking Tyler to a regular dentist, we finally scheduled an appointment with a pediatric dentist. (He had refused to open his mouth at all the other appointments). We really talked the appointment up and tried to prepare him for today. At his request, I came along.

The staff was wonderful with him and obviously know children and how to help them relax. The only snag was that we didn't get X-rays since he gagged every time she put the film in his mouth. But, considering where we are coming from, I am very pleased!

He had been rubbing his eyes and yawning throughout the exam, but I figured it was because he was watching cartoons or because he was nervous. To celebrate, we took him out to lunch as a reward for doing so well. I got him his free ice cream cone, which was one of his treats from the dentist's office. He didn't want to eat anything, and hardly drank either. This is not normal, as it was after 2 pm and he hadn't eaten lunch yet.

We came home and he wanted to nap. Hmmm, I think it's been about 2 1/2 years since his last nap. What a fluke, I thought. Until he woke up with a fever. Duh, mommy!

Here is the feverish boy.

I made soup and he still didn't want to eat or drink anything. When he finally got hungry, he wanted crab and lobster (neither of which he's ever had before). Apparently Red Lobster commercials even appeal to four year-olds. He settled for my tilapia, then salmon, and now ice cream, all of which he has gobbled up. Not exactly what would sound good to me if I were sick. But, he's happy.


Carolyn said...

Yeah, Tyler......proud of you. Get well soon

Melissa said...

crab and lobster?! genius! he clearly has good taste. next we'll ask for prime rib.