Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big man

Well, we'll see what happens, but I have been working on refinishing my range hood. All of our other appliances are black or black/silver. The range hood, which is apparently a cheap one, was cream colored and rusting. Since I don't really want to put money into replacing it, I had the (maybe not so) bright idea to clean it up really well, sand down the rust, and spray paint it. Well, last Saturday and Sunday I gave that an effort. However, it was a big mess. I cleaned it up, which took awhile. I primed it, then read on the appliance spray paint that priming is not recommended. I put one coat on, then after church the next day applied the second coat and it immediately bubbled up. So, I waited a few hours and sanded it down and applied another coat.... and it looked horrible. Arrrghhh! Then, I read more closely (see, Melody, slow down) that I needed to apply additional coats within 1/2 hour or after 1 week.
I ended Sunday very irritable and frustrated with the whole thing. Last night, I stripped it, and gave myself minor chemical burns. Then, applied 2 nice coats of black. I think it's as good as it's going to get. It is MUCH better than it was on Sunday. Wayne and I will have to decide whether it looks too nasty to put back up. I sure hope after all that I don't have to buy a new one. Oh well, could be worse.

On to more pleasant things, Tyler loves to give us his "strong hugs" and "strong kisses." I must admit that Wayne and I really love them too. He is basically giving you a 3 year old version of a bear hug and puckers up really big for a nice smack on the lips. Gives good feelings all around.

Monday, we went swimming at the Y. Tyler was having a grand time. He was enjoying jumping to us, and making an attempt at swimming a few strokes with his head underwater. In the past, he would have hated this, so we were happy to see him more confident in the water. Needless to say, he was very sad when it was time to go home. In the car, he was still talking about not being ready to go. He said, "I hate swimming. I did not have fun." Wayne said, "so you never ever want to swim again." There was a long pause... then, "Wait!! I do love to swim. I do want to swim again!."

We are preparing to spend Saturday and Sunday in Lawrence with friends, Matt and Michelle. This will be the first time I'll have left Tyler overnight. I think other than maybe once or twice, I've put him to bed every night since he was born. I think my anxiety is much higher than Tyler's (or Wayne's, for that matter). I told Tyler what we have planned while we were running errands last evening. He asked a few questions, then said he wanted to bake cookies with Grandma and bring some home. (Last time we were at their house he baked cookies and Sue sent some home with him). He later asked to go to Target, and I suggested that he ask Grandma about doing that. He thought that was a great idea.

I think my own memories of the anxiety I felt when mom and dad left (even into middle school) have been making it hard for me to relax about it. However, I am also excited to have more time with Wayne and friends, Matt and Michelle. We are dreaming about eating out, shopping, and relaxing. While bedtime is when I'll probably worry the most about Tyler, and miss him the most, I am also excited to be able to have a night off from routine.

Last night, I was reading Tyler a Berenstain Bear book about spending a week at Grandma's because Mama and Papa were going on a second honeymoon. He had lots of questions about what a honeymoon was, and then said, "I'm married." I told him that he wasn't married. He asked what it meant to be married. I explained a little about it and he said, "oh, I'm not married. But I'm growing and I'm a big man, right mommy?"
I said, "yes, you're my little man."
"No, I'm a BIG man, Mommy!"
"Yes, you're my big man, Tyler. Mommy loves you."
And he snuggled in tight, with his head under my chin and his legs tucked in while we finished reading our books. He fell asleep with his stuffed elephant and elephant baby under his arm. Sweet little boy.


Kathy Beachy said...

I remember how hard it was to leave the kids for overnight but it's important to have have that time away.

Rach said...

Tyler is too cute with his little sayings. I hope everything goes okay while you're enjoying your weekend getaway. Have fun! :)