Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cookie Time

February 13th kicked off Girl Scout cookie season here in Wichita. Since Aubrey is a new Daisy, we had no idea what to expect. We have made some deliveries together...and have sampled our fair share as well. 

One delivery highlight was going to Hesston Thursday evening and having a chance to visit with Beth Rizza. It has been too long!

Another highlight was Friday evening when we delivered cookies to City Hall. We thought we were just going to make a cookie delivery, but James Clendenin (Vice Mayor) had an adventure waiting for us.

He took us on  a tour. One stop was the Mayor's office where Aubrey got to sit in the Mayor's chair.

We met council member Lavonta Williams who bought some cookies from Aubrey. Aubrey was still so nervous at that point that she couldn't even remember her own name. By the end of the tour when we were taking in the view of the city from the Assistant City Manager's office, Aubrey was quite comfortable and sold her 5 boxes with her confidence sweet smile. 

Checking out where the council meetings are held.

Again in the Mayor's chair

Solving the city's pressing issues.

Smiling for the press

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