Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recliner Redo

I'm posting this mostly for Grandma Billie - because this recliner was hers. We were gifted this recliner when Wayne's grandparents, Wayne and Billie, moved into a retirement community the same year we got married...15 years ago.

So, a couple of weeks ago, we (finally) put new carpet in the basement...and then a week later, a sectional. In the process of prepping for the new carpet, furniture was moved around and the recliner was brought from the basement to the living room.

It has been well loved and is comfortable. But, it has lost a few buttons and is worn. We planned to give it away the next time the DAV did a pick up.

But, I got used to having another chair in the living room. And I  liked it. And I kind of didn't want to give it away. I'm kind of sentimental about the chair. Especially since we lost Grandpa Wayne a few years ago, it reminds me of him.

I decided that I'd try to tackle reupholstering it. I figured, the worst that can happen is I waste some money on fabric and supplies and it's a bust. So, last weekend, while Ted and Sue watched the kids and we went out to celebrate Wayne's birthday. After dinner, I dragged Wayne along to help me pick out fabric. (And then to the store to buy more stain for the coffee table and end tables...Wayne is welcome).  While he wasn't terribly excited about it, he didn't even complain. I love that guy.

The kids LOVED helping to take out old staples...for a short time anyway.

Wayne was my hero chair-taker-aparter and put-back-togetherer guy! Though he wondered about my plan several times, (especially when he realized that I really had no real plan except to figure it out as I went... heh heh heh) he was encouraging.

After a some short nights when I was stalled out on how to proceed, or should I say, waiting for the next idea to hit about how to make a part of it work...and after a few late nights, this evening I got it done. It's definitely not perfect - no professional job. But I'm happy with it.

It still works and is comfortable. 
Mission accomplished.

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Carrie said...

Good job, Melody!! Looks great!