Saturday, January 31, 2015

Go KU!

Tyler's friend, Devon, invited him to a home KU game today (vs K State). Devon, his dad, Shawn, and Shawn's parents went along. During the day, Devon's Mom, Loan, forwarded pictures that Shawn took. 

Here they are filling their plates in the VIP lounge.

Sitting down to lunch. Tyler gushed about the food...the bacon, warm croissants, honeydew melon,and a "wine glass" of coke. :)

Before the game.

Sitting in the second row.

Cheerleaders! They're still in the "girls have cooties" stage, so they were a little uncomfortable with how close the girls got...or so they say. ;)

Showing us where the team warms up.

Tyler loved it! He brought home some souvenirs, told us about the excitement of game events, and about recalling some of the clever signs that people held up. How nice of Devon's family to invite him along!

I, meanwhile, worked at the hospital. Last night and this morning, Aubrey cried when I told her that I had to work and Tyler wouldn't be around. I told her I'd send her pictures throughout the day and she should send me pictures too...starting with waiting in line a little before 7 am for a wellness check. I only got a couple of pictures from Aubrey and Wayne, but I took a few more. Yikes!

Wayne and Aubrey spent the day in Hesston with Ted and Sue. Aubrey was excited to tell me about her day. While Wayne and Sue worked on her new computer, Aubrey was happy she got to play with Grandpa "learning how to juggle," playing catch, and eating "chicken and rice" (sweet and sour pork).

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